Lighthouse Resources Inc. -




  • Owned and operated by Lighthouse Resources
  • 40 year mine history and outstanding safety record
  • Current annual production is 3 million metric tons
  • Rail loops served by BNSF Railroad
  • Geographically well-positioned for Asian market via export through the Pacific Northwest
  • 1305 miles to Millennium Bulk Terminal; 1039 miles to the Morrow Pacific Project (Port of Morrow)
  • Highest quality, highest energy producing coal from the Powder River Basin coal


The Decker coal mine is in the northwest of the Powder River Basin. Located within Montana’s Big Horn County, the mine has two areas: East Decker and West Decker.

Decker is solely owned and operated by Lighthouse Resources.

Since operations began in the 1970s, Decker has produced approximately 300 million metric tons of coal. Its coal is presently sold to the US domestic market.

The Decker Mine is served by BNSF Railway and produces approximately 3 million metric tons of coal each year. A sizable resource of 868 million metric tons and reserves of 138 million metric tons remain at Decker.

Along with supplying the existing domestic market, Lighthouse Resources is exporting coal from Decker to the international market.

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