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  • Bulk materials port in the Pacific Northwest
  • Current activities focused on clean-up, alumina import and planned coal export expansion
  • Expansion will create a world-class port facility capable of exporting 44 million metric tons annually at full build-out
  • Construction activity estimated to create a total of 2,650 direct and indirect construction jobs and provide $70 million in direct wages, and $232 million in other direct economic output
  • At build-out, ongoing site operations expected to create a total of 300 direct and indirect jobs and produce $16 million in direct wages, and $49 million in other direct economic output per year


Millennium Bulk Terminals-Longview (MBTL) is a bulk materials port on the Columbia River in Washington.

For more than 60 years, the site operated as an aluminum smelter and the dock was used to import alumina and materials for smelting. For the past several years, MBTL has focused on maintaining and upgrading the existing facilities, including a major clean-up project related to decades of aluminum smelting. The works have already improved the safety and condition of the site for our staff while MBTL works to meet government requirements and community expectations.

In addition to its existing bulk handling facilities, MBTL is building a world-class, international coal port facility that will help the state of Washington solidify its position as a leader in international trade. The first stage will result in a coal export terminal with approximately 25 million metric tons per year capacity. The second stage will take total export capacity to about 44 million metric tons per year.

The proposed new terminal facilities will include a rail yard to house trains arriving from western US coal mines, and two new docks to create a modern and efficient port capable of receiving, stockpiling, blending and loading coal for export. At full build-out, two vessels per day are anticipated to depart for offshore markets.

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