Ambre Energy Changes Name to Lighthouse Resources Inc.

Salt Lake City, Utah – April 13, 2015 – Ambre Energy North America, Inc. has changed its name to Lighthouse Resources Inc. The new name is a reflection of the company’s core business strategy, focused on resource management and infrastructure projects.

Lighthouse Resources Formerly Ambre Energy

"The name Lighthouse Resources Inc. affirms the company’s fundamental values while looking to the future," said Everett King, President & Chief Executive Officer of Lighthouse Resources Inc.

"We are focused on integrating our natural resource assets, developing export channels in the Pacific Northwest and leveraging our marketing expertise to serve our domestic customers and Asian trade allies," added King.

Lighthouse Resources Inc. owns and operates two thermal coal mines in and around the Powder River Basin: the Decker mine in southeast Montana and the Black Butte mine in southwest Wyoming. This region is known for its high-quality, high energy, clean-burning coal – sought after by domestic and international customers.

Additionally, Lighthouse Resources Inc. is developing port export facilities in the US Pacific Northwest, with a direct route to Asian trade allies. The proposed sites are served by ocean-going vessels and are connected via rail to resource production in the Western US.

In 2014, signaling its focus on projects in the United States, Ambre Energy North America, Inc. separated from its Australian parent company, Ambre Energy Limited, when longtime investor Resource Capital Funds became the majority owner of Ambre Energy North America, Inc. The name change to Lighthouse Resources Inc. is further confirmation of the commitment to its projects and future of the now privately-held, US-based company.

About Lighthouse Resources Inc.

Lighthouse Resources Inc. is an infrastructure and resource management company, integrating resource assets, export channels and marketing expertise to serve domestic customers and Asian trade allies. The company owns and operates thermal coal mines in and around the Powder River Basin and is developing port export infrastructure in the US Pacific Northwest.

Lighthouse Resources Inc. is a safety focused and environmentally responsible company, committed to protecting natural resources and meeting the highest standards at all operations. The company is privately held and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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