The Case for Increasing US Coal Exports

World Coal magazine offers an in-depth look at why the export market for U.S. coal is so important – and it’s about far more than dollars and cents. Shipping coal from the Western U.S. to Asian countries like Japan provides energy security to important trading and political allies. Exporting essential energy resources that are in high demand overseas offers far-reaching economic benefits to U.S. populations that are hungry for economic opportunities and growth. And sending Powder River Basin coal to Japan can actually advance global climate goals by ensuring that our coal is used by power plants deploying the world’s best technology for high efficiency and low emissions.

“Robust U.S. coal exports position our country as a smart, strategic leader on energy, while providing direct economic benefits here at home,” said Everett King, President and CEO of Lighthouse Resources. “The demand for U.S. energy, including coal, is real, and shipping it abroad is more than a business opportunity; it’s fulfilling our obligation as a global leader to ensure our allies have reliable energy supplies.”

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