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US Energy Dominance Requires Diverse Energy Supplies

Affordable, stable, and reliable energy from coal is an essential part of the global energy mix, including for countries committed to addressing climate change.  Advanced technologies and responsibly sourced coal can actually help countries meet their climate goals. - The U.S. leads the world with over 260 billion short tons of recoverable coal reserves—28% of total global reserves (U.S. E.I.A.) 

Energy Dominance is a National Security Issue

Exporting critical energy resources to our energy-vulnerable allies provides economic benefits right here in the U.S. and facilitates regional stability in parts of the world where countries like Russia, China, and North Korea are fighting for influence. 

Exporting Coal Has Tremendous Economic Benefits at Home

The extraction, transport, and delivery of U.S. coal accounts for thousands of jobs in American towns and sovereign nations while generating revenue for essential needs. For every million short tons of U.S. coal exported, an estimated 1,320 jobs are created.  

Powering Energy Security

Delivering energy to Asia powers American energy security by growing U.S. jobs, increasing tax revenue, and advancing national security goals.  

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